Get Involved

Get Involved

Chaplaincy runs on the goodwill and support of students and members of the wider university community.  There are many opportunities to get involved and we’d love you to contribute in ways you’ll enjoy.

The Chapel Choir

Do you have a good singing voice? Can you play a musical instrument?  Would you be willing to be part of our popular 8pm Sunday Mass Choir? You’ll be offering huge support to us, encouraging our congregational singing and also helping us enter more prayerfully into the celebration of Mass through the pieces the Choir sings.  If you are unable to make weekly rehearsal you are still very welcome at the pre-Mass run-through at 6.30pm on Sunday.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

Could you assist the priest in the distribution of Holy Communion, especially at Sunday Mass and important feasts?  Special preparation is offered to those wishing to be Eucharistic Ministers, which includes some prayerful reflection on the significance of the Eucharist. Please see the Chaplain for further information.

Reading at Mass

Reading at Mass is a great way to take to heart the weekday and Sunday scriptures, and a reading well-read can help the congregation be touched more deeply by the Word of God.  This is a valuable ministry and also an experience that will help you in other situations of reading or public speaking.

Serving Mass or assisting in the Chapel Sacristy

Servers and sacristans say they come to understand the Mass more through serving.  All students are welcome to volunteer and training will be given. If you are already an experienced server, we would be very grateful if you put that experience to good use here at Chaplaincy, especially on big occasions like the Dedication of Studies Mass and other key liturgical celebrations.


Welcome and hospitality are the hallmarks of Chaplaincy.  We often need volunteers to extend a word of welcome to students, alumni and visitors and to assist with hospitality at Sunday Mass and big events throughout the year.  We offer a simple, hot meal at some of our weekly gatherings and are grateful to have help with this.  Please be generous and give of your time to support this important ministry.


The Chaplaincy Library is a much-loved space for reading, study and quiet-time.  Our ever-growing collection of books and periodicals – many of them donated by generous alumni -  needs to be catalogued and the library space kept tidy.  We realise it takes a particular personality-type and temperament to patiently and methodically maintain a library and we appeal each year for volunteers to take up the challenge.

Pastoral Team

Together with our Chaplain and Pastoral Manager, the Pastoral Team works to further the mission of Chaplaincy.  This small group of core student-volunteers are committed to deepening their faith lives while also developing and enhancing relationships with themselves and others.  They work to offer a range of experiences which afford students the chance to share in prayer, reflection, and community building.   Members of the Pastoral Team are recruited from the Catholic student body, they commit to regular service and are passionate about Christian discipleship and mission.  They also receive modest remuneration for their efforts.

Food Bar

Our Food Bar is popular, especially at lunchtime during the week.  We are always in need of committed and capable volunteers.  Speak with our Pastoral Manager to discuss how you can get involved.

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